All your valuable passwords in a safe box.


Your digital life vault

No matter how many passwords you use, Bank of passwords remembers them all to keep you safe. E-mail, home banking, PIN, credit cards, bank accounts and more.


Build your own team

Network credentials and social networks are just an example of what you can share with your colleagues and partners. Feel free to store all your passwords in separated teams/workplaces and share just what you need.


Delegate access

No one could access to your passwords storage except your delegate. We'll verify his/her identity in person before grant the access to your passwords.


No master key

The strong authentication of SecurePass is built-in to ensure the protection of your digital identities.


Alerts and audit logs

Be always aware of what happened on your account with real time alerts and audit logs delivered in your inbox.


Cloud & Mobile

No need to install any application on your computer, just run the service from the cloud from anywhere.