Create workplaces to share credentials with your teams, partners and customers without the risk of compromising the privacy of your company.

  Business continuity

Bank of Passwords is the digital vault to ensure continuity of your business. With our service you can protect your company and its future from any circumstance, as it guarantees your trusted people instant access to your key resources.

  More productivity

Support your team for every emergency and take responsibility with partners and investors. A flight delay is no more a show-stopper, with Bank of Passwords you can prevent business interruptions as your team is entitled to access your strategic accounts.

  High security for your data

Bank of Passwords is committed to guarantee high security. Multiple layers of encryption protect your digital data, while audit logs and alerts will keep them under control in real time.

  Your memories, transferred

Bank of Passwords protects values and memories against time passing. With the password repository you'll grant the access to strategic accounts and your company will be stable also in case of unexpected.